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Leadership Coaching

In 1994, Drs. Sylvia and Milt Gearing conducted an important study that focused on the psychology of female executives. Canvassing the opinions of almost one hundred of the brightest and most successful women in North America, the Gearings were among the first psychologists to argue that leadership must combine extraordinary business acumen with keen emotional intelligence. In today’s global economy, the successful business person must not only be knowledgeable in fundamental financial and business systems but in the management and understanding of emotions in the work setting. Using oneself as a catalyst for change and excellence with others drives the business toward increased productivity and profits. It is no longer possible to be an epicenter of success without the skills of human leadership.

Dr. Sylvia Gearing published Female Executive Stress Syndrome in late 1994 and asserted that leaders needed more than business intelligence (reading people well, using feelings to inform strategy, decisive leadership skills). They must also be capable stewards of their own emotional skills. Their personal lives must be stable and their intuition unimpeded by personal chaos. The combination of business and emotional intelligence was a winning formula for success.

Dr. Gearing has been one of the pioneers in teaching emotional competence skills in the workplace to women. She teaches her clients to tolerate high levels of stress and change while reaching new levels of success in all areas of the professional arena.

Now, sixteen years after their original research, both of the Gearings continue to specialize in coaching leaders in the basics of emotional competence. Not only do their clients become more effective in handling the daily challenges of the work place, their ability to anticipate and manage challenge increases exponentially with emotional competence training. Their relationships with family and friends improve along with their calm and sturdy approach to the demands of leadership and difficult decision making.

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