Therapy That Works...



Tired of feeling disconnected from your partner?

Our acclaimed CoupLinks Marital Program has reconnected hundreds of challenged relationships over the last ten years. This intensive marital therapy combines the science of communication, relationship connection techniques, and the fundamentals of emotional intelligence to create a deeper, better bond in our couples.

What You Can Expect from Couplinks

Beginning CoupLinks:

We begin our work with you by conducting a thorough relationship and psychological physical. We measure all aspects of your relationship including conflict negotiation and resolution, communication techniques, compromising and stress containment skills. We conduct in depth interviews with both partners, and evaluate your personalities, your compatibility and your common vision of life. Most importantly, we focus on the strengths of your relationship and the goals of each partner in creating a new, enriched bond.

Male and Female Perspectives:

Having the perspectives of both genders in the room can make a critical difference in achieving the successful outcome you are seeking. There are fewer misinterpretations and verbal miscues since the viewpoints of both genders are always in play.

Communication Techniques:

We not only teach you how to position your words effectively, we also teach you the individual emotional language of your partner. By understanding his or her emotional language, you can not only resolve problems quicker, you can speak directly and lovingly to your partner's heart.

Conflict Resolution:

Repairing an argument in “real time” is essential to maintaining confidence in your relationship. Many couples never get an argument under control. As your marital coaches, we are dedicated to teaching you the most effective skills in pulling out of conflict. We’ll teach you how to calm yourself down, how to hear your partner in the moment, how to establish emotional resilience in the middle of conflict and how to move to resolution quickly.

New Marital Vision:

We all have had relationship experiences that negatively and positively affected our current marriage. As we create a new marriage, it is important to move past negative experiences from our pasts as we embrace a new relationship. You’ll discover your own new Martial Vision that is a blend of your histories, your personalities, your unique family legacies and your shared vision for the future. This added benefit of CoupLinks articulates a new relationship vision that will guide your marriage for years to come.

The Unique Advantages of Couplinks

Basics of Emotional Accuracy:

Exceptional relationships require personal honesty, emotional accountability and accuracy in interpreting ourselves and our partner. We are experts at teaching the fundamentals of accurate thinking, careful listening and effective interpersonal interpretation in communication.

Strategic Plan:

We spend time with our couples strategically planning the steps to a new marriage. Each customized plan is devoted to achieving the highest standards of communication, emotional accuracy and marital resilience. Some couples must focus on conflict negotiation first while other couples need to focus on sensual enhancing work and emotional bonding. We make sure that you have a clear plan you are comfortable implementing and maintaining.


We work endlessly with our couples to achieve their reconnection goals while shifting our focus to current conflicts and events when necessary. Overall, you work through your issues with a clear understanding of the fundamental challenges and the necessary steps to overcoming those challenges. As a result, our couples achieve a great deal of change in a matter of weeks and return to the benefits of deeply loving one another again.

Measuring our Gains:

Throughout this process, we remain mindful of your specific relationship goals and carefully monitor your progress. As your relationship improves, we shift you to the next stage of marital skills building including emotional intelligence training, sensuality in marriage coaching, and advanced training in “couple identity” skills. During this final phase, we help you to define your new Marital Vision and to deepen the many new marital skills and customs of this new union between you.