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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Do you have moments when you are totally at a loss about how to reach a co-worker, friend, or loved one? Do your efforts to connect with your partner or child often fall short of your expectations? Have you ever felt frustrated and lost in a relationship that just seems to get worse?

Maybe It's Time You Try Our Emotional Coaching Program

Emotional intelligence is vital to navigating the world successfully. Emotional self-control, empathy, effective communication and enhanced interpersonal perspective skills are only part of what we teach. You will learn how to communicate effectively with the opposite gender, to remain calm and connected in the midst of uncertainty, and to learn the unique Cherish Codes of the people you love. You will learn how to navigate conflict, to maintain your composure and to accurately interpret the motivations and behaviors of those around you.

This program can be life changing and has ushered hundreds of people to a new level of success in love and in life.

Mid Life Mastery for Men and Women

Re-Booting in the Second Half of Life

With life expectancy extending into the eighties and nineties, midlife is the new “thirties and forties.” People remain younger longer and with this new vitality, our expectations and opportunities grow.

Taking charge of your own midlife mastery by learning these key skills in personal resilience is important for several reasons:

  • You will live longer and with a better attitude.
  • Your relationships will deepen and flourish.
  • You will weather the inevitable storms of life with a better attitude and increased problem solving ability.
  • You will understand others better and be able to read them accurately and in a timely manner.
  • You will respond to adversity with an understanding that your inaccurate, negative thinking is the machine that drives all misunderstandings.


Too many of us miss today when we are worrying about tomorrow. Real strength is found in the moment at hand. We are instructors in the discipline of mindfulness which clears the mind, focuses the intention and releases the heart.