Therapy That Works...



Some times even the best of families hit a communication roadblock.

Good intentions cannot always make the critical difference in resolving conflict in a family. At Gearing Up, we are specialists in family communication and improving family functioning. We offer family counseling in a secure, non judgmental atmosphere for families to negotiate new agreements, to voice concerns, and to resolve disappointments and disagreements.

Beginning with a thorough family assessment, the counselor will help you to identify the major obstacles to gridlocked conflict.

Emotional Dial Down: Learn the steps to decreasing emotional flare ups to increase communication effectiveness.

Communication Improvements: By learning to voice differences and disappointments without criticism, your relationship conflict will decrease.

Identifying Central Messages: conflict escalates when people feel cornered or misunderstood. Learn to move past the emotion and discover the essential messages from your family member.

A New Agreement: Learn to understand differences without approving of differences. Finding the common ground leads to new compromises and partnerships with other family members.