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Sylvia Gearing

Nationally renowned psychologist and author, Dr. Sylvia Gearing has been a pioneer in psychology for over thirty years. As an author and TV expert, she has impacted the lives of millions. From 1997 to 1998, she was a frequent contributor in women's issues on NBC's Today Show in New York. For almost two decades she has been featured on hundreds of newscasts, radio shows, and talk shows including Dr. Phil, Donahue, Geraldo, and Sally Jesse Raphael. She is a frequent source and contributor for bloggers, academicians, and popular writers, and she has been quoted in numerous books. Her television appearances and video blogs have been featured on Huffington Post,, and

For over fifteen years, Dr. Gearing was the psychology expert for the local CBS 11 News where she appeared on over 1,500 newscasts. She reported on a variety of topics including romantic relationships, marital communication techniques, criminal behavior and profiles, parenting and child development, addictions, neuroscience, celebrity meltdowns, marriage, bullying, and hundreds of other mental health issues. Her blogs and online videos have drawn over 2,000,000 views from around the world since May 2010.

Dr. Gearing has been a popular speaker in Dallas and around the country on women’s and girl’s issues, personal and professional excellence, and emotional intelligence. She has spoken for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, J.C. Penney, Forbes Magazine, Infiniti Automobile, Andrews and Kurth, Deloitte and Touche, and Hunton and Williams. Her speeches capture the unique perspective of a career psychologist who has worked in broadcast media for over a decade. These two highly divergent disciplines have shaped her understanding of how to present scientific concepts to diverse audiences in an entertaining and effective manner.

Dr. Gearing graduated Magna cum Laude in psychology from Duke University and completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. She studied at the prestigious Masterson Institute in New York City for several years where she worked with the late Dr. James Masterson, an international authority on borderline, narcissistic, and personality disorders. Both in her clinical practice and in the many leadership positions she has held in hospitals and clinics and media outlets, Dr. Gearing made published many discoveries in relationships, stress, and women's issues that have brought her national acclaim.

Her first book, “Female Executive Stress Syndrome: The Working Woman's Guide to a Balanced and Successful Life” (Summit, 1994), launched her national media career. She has been featured in many publications including the Wall Street Journal, Modern Bride, Ladies Home Journal, Weight Watcher's Magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Dallas Morning News. In addition, her videos on stress and working women were featured on thousands of United Airlines flights in the late nineties. In 1995, Dr. Gearing was honored by the National Association of Executive Women and she was featured on the cover of the association's magazine, which was distributed to over 250,000 women worldwide. Her second book, “Woman-Sense Rules!” (Anderson Adams, 2003), included stories and strategies from her years as a private practice clinician and TV expert.

In addition to her writing and media work, Dr. Gearing is the Executive Director of Gearing Up! Counseling Centers where she oversees a professional staff of over twelve counselors. Her husband, Dr. Milton Gearing is the Clinical Director. The Gearings’ acclaimed counseling center addresses the mental health needs of thousands of North Texas adults, teens, and children with the latest, most effective approaches in clinical psychology.

Dr. Gearing is writing her third book, “Growing Girls Strong: A Mother Mentor’s Handbook.” This important book teaches mothers how to teach the most important emotional skills and core competencies for the next generation of female success—emotional self-awareness and self-regulation, key skills in deciphering danger and avoiding threats, calming and focusing skills, the ability to recalibrate after stress, and interpersonal effectiveness. With these skills, a “strong girl” can negotiate complex social environments (like high school!), protect herself from manipulators, overcome internal negativity, and forge her path straight to success.

In addition, Dr. Gearing completed the editing of her late father’s book, “You Can Hear the Angels Laughing.” Dr. Madison Scott was a renowned Southern Baptist minister whose sermons and prayers were acclaimed by governors, senators, and presidents. Over the years, he jotted down humorous stories of his life as a minister, key life lessons of Christian faith, and moments of waking worship. Remarkably, these memorable stories lay undiscovered in a garage file cabinet until many years after his death. Now Dr. Gearing presents her father’s heartfelt stories and reflections as a reminder that great souls leave a lasting legacy even after death.

Dr. Gearing is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Texas Psychological Association, the Collin County Psychological Association, and the National Health Service Providers in Psychology. She has been married to Dr. Milton Gearing for over thirty-three years and they have two grown sons. The Gearing’s younger son, Christopher Gearing, is the CEO of Gearing Up Counseling Centers, Inc. and oversees all marketing and business matters for the clinic. Their older son, Charles, is a litigation attorney with Hanshaw Kennedy in Frisco, TX.