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Gearing Up Advantage

Doctors Sylvia and Milton Gearing have been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1985 with compassion and professionalism.

The Gearings implement the latest in psychological research to stay at the cutting edge of their field and bring the most effective and life changing techniques to their clients.

Their methods and strategies have been sharpened over the years, and are now built upon Gearing Up’s Three Gears of Change.

Dr. Sylvia Gearing

Nationally renowned psychologist and author, Sylvia Gearing, Ph.D. has been a pioneer in psychology for over twenty years. As a talented television expert, popular author, and keynote speaker, she has impacted the lives of millions.

Dr. Gearing is a popular speaker in Dallas and around the country. Her popular seminars in Dallas have drawn thousands and her high energy, entertaining presentations have entertained audiences for years.

“Sylvia Gearing is one of the best people I’ve ever worked with in thirty-plus years of broadcasting. She’s an expert in her field, and her firmness and insight are tempered by sensitivity and compassion. Her on-camera demeanor is outstanding, and her warmth comes through to the viewer.”

Jody Dean, Former CBS 11 News Anchor

“Dr. Sylvia Gearing is one of the most articulate and profound professional I have ever worked with. She has an extraordinary way of sharing her wisdom and making it relevant to each viewer. Even when speaking to the masses, Dr. Gearing’s messages strike an emotional chord with each person on an individual level.”

Michelle Buckalew, Journalist and Former Television Producer

From breaking news to evergreen stories, Dr. Sylvia Gearing’s reports hold the attention of millions of viewers each year. Since the publication of her first book, she has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and articulate media psychologists in the business. Her highly rated commentary on the Today Show in the late nineties launched her into news reporting that continues to today. Without a doubt, she is the “go to” person when tragedy hits, celebrities misbehave, or medical and psychological discoveries are made.

Some Dr. Sylvia Gearing Appearances