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Recovering from Sexual Abuse

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Recovering from Verbal and Emotional Abuse

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Sexual Healing for Women

Isn't it time you begin to enjoy sexual pleasure again? One out of three women complains of a low sex drive and many women ignore their physical pleasure when they are busy working, parenting, caring for the elderly or simply giving to others in general. Whether declining desire is due to childbirth, marital tension, betrayal or conflict, fatigue, a stressful job or life situation, weight gain, or menopause, your sexual desire can "flat-line" over the years despite your best efforts to stay connected.

Over the last twenty years, Dr. Sylvia Gearing has worked with many women who want to achieve a fuller sexual relationship with their partner or who just want to have more sexual responsiveness for themselves. Re-kindling desire is possible but it takes effort, determination, and perseverance. Whether your sexual challenges stem from past sexual or emotional abuse, marital conflict, or the stresses of a busy and full life, Dr. Sylvia will work with you through a combination of psychological assessments, cognitive therapy, counseling, and clinical hypnosis to help you achieve your maximum sexual adjustment. In this calm, confidential atmosphere, she will guide you back to a renewed sexual desire and enjoyment of your body and your partner. You will learn to relax, to let go and to savor the pleasures of being a sensual woman.

Post-Partum Depression

Post-partum depression is a serious psychological condition that can affect up to 80% of women. If left untreated, post partum depression can become worse over time and can eventually become life threatening. Here are some important facts about this serious mental health issue for women:

If you have experienced depression prior to the pregnancy, you face a 25% chance of reoccurrence. If you have had a previous episode of post- partum depression, your chances increase to 50%.

It is common to think that a joyous birth will bring only contentment and happiness. But sustained post-baby happiness is more rare than women think. Eighty five percent of us experience some sort of moodiness after the birth of the baby.

It is important to not underestimate what is happening if the blues continue. The majority of women with post partum depression suffer from this illness for more than six months and, if untreated, twenty-five percent of patients are still depressed a year later. This condition can get much worse if it is untreated.

Post-partum affects the baby negatively. In fact, in severe cases, the effects on the infant can be devastating. If the mother remains symptomatic, the baby will become excessively tearful, listless and may perform below average on key developmental tests.

Anxiety disorders affect as many as 30% of women at some point during their lives. However, these problems frequently appear for the first time after delivery. Some new mothers develop panic attacks, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In rare cases, post partum psychosis can develop. This condition affects an estimated one out of a 1,000 women. The mother experiences mood swings, confusion, disorientation, agitation, bizarre behavior, delusions, paranoia, and auditory hallucinations. She will engage in “psychotic merger” in which she is unable to differentiate between herself and the infant. In approximately one out of 50,000 cases, women with post-partum psychosis kill their children.

Early intervention with one of our counselors trained in the diagnosis and treatment of post-partum depression is the best strategy. This is a preventable disorder and we have special diagnostic tests specifically post-partum depression. With Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, medication and your physician and family support, this type of depression is highly treatable. We will teach you relaxation skills, calming and focusing strategies and communication skills to empower your life and relationships.